“Make IIoT simple enough to initiate at factory”


It happens to suddenly break down production facility and the production has to be suspended, even though periodical inspection and maintenance are implemented.  In addition to the facility’s recovery, the production schedule has to be revised, including coordination with preceding/following processes.


While factory wants to utilize IT in order to lessen such breakdown, it cannot determine how to approach, what to do at first, and whom it should contact.  Many of such solution providers have their own products and services which they want to sell.


Founded in 2016, Veeple supports such factory to solve such issue,
by standing in the position of the factory, without any specific product and service promotion.





1. Trial (data measurement and collection)


As the first small step of PoC(Proof of Concept), Veeple supports initiating the trial at factory.

Veeple helps identify what to measure, and provides the network and storage system to collect the data from the sensor attached to production facility, in order to quickly launch the trial.

Veeple is also able to hold a workshop for the personnel at factory with regard to the edge device (sensor and PC (e.g. Raspberry Pi)), or can rent such device for the PoC.


2. Data utilization 


Veeple supports the factory to set up the data collection system and to utilize the collected data, such as visualization, automatic notification, data analysis.  Together with the factory, Veeple identifies the appropriate solution and if such solution is provided by a third-party, Veeple coordinates the installation of such solution.



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